Welcome back to the 80s!

We're The Pop Rocks, Oregon's premier 80s tribute band.

We play all the best fun, danceable 80s new wave, pop, and hair band tunes. And we make it a complete "pop culture experience" with costumes and stage names!

When you're ready for your trip back in time, give us a call! You can get complete contact info in our Contact Us page.

Ring in the new year with The Pop Rocks!

Dance into the new year with us at The Ballroom at The Vet's Club. Music starts at 10 PM.

Event tickets are $15 each at the door or $12 each by ordering here on our site before show day. See you there!

Pop Rocks Band Bios
Wanna read up on all the fascinating details about the lives of The Pop Rocks? Well, then, just head on over to our Pop Rocks Band Bio page!
Pop Rocks Sample Videos
So, you've read about us and heard how great we are. And now you wanna see us in action for yourself, right? Easy, just visit our Pop Rocks Samples page!
Pop Rocks Calendar
We'd love to come out and play for you at any time! To find out when we're free (or find out when you can catch one of our shows, check out our Pop Rocks Calendar page!
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